Joining IPARKS helps provide peace-of-mind knowing your entity has a variety of exclusive benefits all aimed at providing safety to your community. Explore the many programs & benefits of IPARKS below. 


Swing Modification Program

The Swing Modification Program provides members with assistance in upgrading swing sets to conform to national playground safety standards. Members are eligible to receive up to $350 in reimbursement annually for approved swing set replacement parts from a playground equipment manufacturer.


IPARKS Power Grant

The IPARKS Power Grant is customizable and provides each member the power to choose how to use grant funds from a newly expanded list of qualifying expenses that help reduce and prevent liability claims and property losses. IPARKS members may apply annually for grant money to fund, or partially fund, items, training and services that will aid in risk management efforts. Power Grant funds may be used toward:
  • safety items
  • training and education
  • the repair or replacement of playground surfacing or equipment that is outdated, broken or in need of repair
  • personal protective equipment, disinfectants, protective gear, signage and other items to assist with ongoing risk management efforts related to COVID-19
  • services, such as tree-trimming, that address loss control recommendations or best practices.

The amount awarded to each member varies based on annual contribution to the IPARKS program: $500 for members paying up to $5,000, $1,000 for members paying $5,000 to $25,000 and $1,500 for members paying over $25,000 annually. If you have questions or need further information, please contact an IPARKS representative.
Aquatics Training

The Aquatics Reimbursement Program promotes pool operation education and training. Under this program, IPARKS reimburses members up to $500 annually for training and auditing services provided by the following approved aquatic training vendors: Jeff Ellis and Associates, Starfish Aquatics Institute and American Red Cross.


To get started with your training today, contact any of the approved aquatic vendors below. Please reference that you are an IPARKS member when contacting these vendors.


800-742-8720 (Toll Free)

Once you receive your invoice from the vendors listed above, please email it to or mail to IPARKS Administrator, 300 Galleria Office Centre, Suite 320, Southfield, MI 48034.

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